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Welcome to this site, this is a record internet video game Master of Magic released in 1995. It takes people and lots of paper. What helped you not to waste paper, ink and money. Feel free to leave a message via the forum or e-mail, ca can only improve the site.

Quite special thanking to Aggelon, Juju Dredd and Wokie, for their advices.

Type of spells,
heros et Wizards :
Arcanus: Myrranes:

Chaos(40) Barbarian(10) Beastmen(11)
Death(41) Gnoll(8) Dark Elf(12)
Life(40) Halfling(7) Draconian(11)
Nature(40) High Elf(11) Dwarven(8)
Neutral(13) High Men(13) Troll(8)
Sorcery(40) Klackon(7)
Lizardman(7) Buildings(33)
Heros(20) Nomad(11)
Champions(10) Orc(14)

Friday, June 18, 2015 : (version 2.1b)
New internet address (fr/english)